Put the You Back In Youth


by Leah Hardy and Susie Rogers with Dr. Daniel Sister


Written by experts at the top of their field, Leah Hardy, a journalist who specializes in women’s health, well-being, beauty and anti-aging; Susie Rogers founder of BeautyWorksWest and Dr. Daniel Sister, a world renowned anti-ageing specialist, Put The YOU Back In Youth offers the latest science and research into how our hormones affect us as we age and how we can adapt to ensure a long, happy and healthy life.

More about the book

Written in a clear and approachable style, with case studies and clear analysis, Put The You Back in Youth looks at:

  • Why hormones matter and how falling levels of hormones cause ageing.
  • Inflamm-aging – how inflammation ages you and how to control it via diet, more sleep and exercise.
  • Demystifying menopause and peri-menopause. What is HRT and when is it right for you?
  • How getting calm can reverse ageing, make you lose weight and make you smarter.
  • How sleeping more can make you skinny and younger!
  • The importance of sex for a healthy body and mind – the science behind how sex makes you look younger and literally “lights up” your brain.
  • How exercise can boost your youth hormones and reverse ageing including the science behind the new HIT phenomenon.
  • Future perfect – an analysis of the latest beauty treatments including Botox, fillers, chemical peels, Lasers and future technologies to watch.
  • Diet rules including the latest evidence on sugar, evidence that the 5:2 diet is not good for women, Dr. Sister’s simple rules for dropping a dress size and how choosing small blue plates can aid weight-loss.

Empowering and accessible, Put The You Back in Youth is a book written for all women: showing us how to actively change our age destiny, anti-age our lifestyle, take control and feel positive about our lives, forever.

“If you are a woman, live with a woman or know a woman, this book will be your new best friend”