Why is taking food supplements important?

Okay, so you are eating loads of fruits and vegetables, you meditate and exercise every day, avoid sugar, salt, and junk food.  You get loads of natural sunlight, sleep 8 hours a night, don’t drink alcohol and drink lots of water and only eat certified organic food or grow your own and have no stress in your life. Is that you, is it anyone?

Some facts:

  1. Did you know that modern farming utilizes fertilizers that deplete the soil of those essential nutrients that are needed to maintain proper amounts of essential minerals and nutrients in the food they grow? This happens even before the manufacturing techniques used in modern food production occurs.
  2. Then you have the shipping, processing, long term storage and the addition of preservatives to keep the food fresh before it even gets to the store. Therefore, by the time you start eating it, the natural nutritional value of that food has begun to degrade.
  3. Then there are all the complex chemical compounds they add to your food, such as gluten, MSG, fake chemical sweeteners, salt, colorings, artificial flavorings resulting in less nutrients and goodness for you.  In addition, your body needs to start fighting these damaging synthetic additives.
  4. So sorry to mention even more bad things about our modern food chain.  Think chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones and more.  Makes you want to grow your own doesn’t it?
  5. The body’s ability to absorb nutrients decreases as we age.  Our hormones start to deplete and our metabolism slows down and added stress levels, and some medications all interfere with proper nutrient absorption.

All the above elements combined together increase your need for extra vitamins, amino acids, plant extracts and minerals to fight off the effects of modern day life.  Our supplements are formulated to help support a healthy immune system, increase our metabolism, encourage hormonal balance and fight off the free radicals that all attack our amazing bodies.

That is why we have produced our formulas with only the finest and purest ingredients, with cutting edge clinically proven ingredients, that effect you from the inside out to keep you at your best.  Energy, Vitality, Health and Glow.

Is it best to take supplements with food?

If possible, as the body tends to absorb them better with food.

Why do you need to take more than one capsule?

Each of our unique supplements has been formulated with an effective dosage supplying you the ingredients outlined on the label.  They contain the safe dosage to provide efficacy and give you the best results.  As our amazing bodies can only metabolize so much at one time, we ask you to take them as directed, i.e. two in the morning and two in the evening for YOUTH and SEX and twice daily or as needed with ENERGY, giving your body the best absorption rate.

Will your supplements interfere with any medications?

You should always tell your doctor about taking any new supplements if you take any prescription medication.

Should I take your supplements if I am pregnant?

Always check with your doctor if you are pregnant before taking any supplementation.

What is the difference between your supplements and others on the market?

The major difference between our supplements and many others available in the market is that we use the highest quality, naturally sourced, bioactive ingredients that are formulated to work together so you can receive the optimum benefits. Our unique formulas have been developed by Dr. Daniel Sister in conjunction  with top scientists in their fields.  We then monitor the production process to ensure that you receive the quality and nutritional values of all the ingredients.

Are there any side effects?

You should generally have no side effects from the combined nutritional ingredients in our formulas. If you notice any, stop taking immediately and please contact: